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Annual meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of January. All owners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please send your proxy if there is any chance you will not attend. The proxy will be automatically void if you are present. If you have any items you would like to add to the agenda, please contact management prior to the meeting date. We will discuss any issue an owner would like raised, however, we hope to keep the meeting focused on the Tom Green property as a whole. If you have individual maintenance issues, we request that you report them in advance.

Please note the For Sale and Rent listings on our website. Go to the Owner Login page to list your unit. Please remove your listing when your unit is rented or sold. The webmaster will remove all listings that are more than 6 weeks old. If you want a listing to remain longer than this, you only need to log in and click the 'post' button to update the submission date. If you are an owner and need a password, send a request to .

On the Owner Login page you'll find a downloadable copy of the rules and regulations which you can print out and give to your tenants. If you are a tenant, please choose "Rules & Regulations" from the menu to your left.

Thanks to all of you who make our property a great place to live.

This page was last updated October 2023.

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