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Rules & Regulations

  1. Living Unit Exteriors
    • Unit entry areas, front doors, and windows visible from common areas shall be reasonably clean and neat, and in good repair.
    • No structural or otherwise "affixed" additions or changes (such as awnings, storm doors, TV antennas, etc.) shall be allowed except as approved by the Board of Directors prior to installation.
    • Balconies and patios shall be reasonably clean and uncluttered; railings shall not be used to hang towels, rugs, etc. Only furniture specifically designed for outdoor patio use may be used on balconies. No storage of any kind is allowed on patios without written authorization from the Board of Directors.
    • By Austin City Ordinance, NO barbeque grills are allowed on the premises of Tom Green Condominiums.
    • Window coverings shall be of a neutral or light color.
    • Signs advertising a unit's availability for sale, rent or lease shall be displayed in only one window of the unit, and with prior consent of the Board or Management Company. Such signs shall be no larger than two feet by two feet.

  2. Common Areas Fixtures and Furnishings
    • No one other than authorized personnel shall adjust, repair or otherwise physically alter equipment such as sprinklers, lights, etc. Homeowners shall notify the Management Company when problems occur.
    • Plants shall not be removed, altered, or planted without prior consent of the Board.
    • No personal notices (Lost & Found, For Sale, etc.) shall be posted on or around the mailbox kiosk or in any common area.

  3. Vehicles
    • Residents shall be allowed no more than one vehicle per assigned parking space on the property at any time except as permitted by prior variance from the Board of Directors.
    • Residents shall at no time park in assigned spaces other than their own, except by prior mutual agreement between themselves and the rightful designees for the spaces. Assigned Parking
    • Vehicles are not to stick out of their assigned parking spaces blocking any part of the garage or another parking space, if they are too large, they have to be parked on city streets.
    • Residents shall inform all visitors, including repair and service persons that they are to park on city streets.
    • Parking shall at no time be allowed where prohibited by curb marking, or in any other place that would restrict residents' access and use of their living units or vehicles.
    • Maximum speed limit on premises shall be 5 mph.
    • Improperly licensed or unsightly vehicles shall not be allowed on the property; inoperable vehicles shall be allowed for no more than two days.
    • Except for routine repairs (battery charging, tire changing, etc.) no vehicular repair or servicing shall be allowed.
    • Motorcycles shall park only in spaces designed for cars, -- never on sidewalks, grass or any common area. Bicycles must not be chained to handrails or block walkways.
    • Boats, campers, large trucks and trailers shall not park on the property except as allowed by prior variance granted by the Board of Directors.
    • Gatherings of any kind in the garage or any common area shall not be allowed except with written permission from the Board of Directors.

  4. Trash and Recycling
    • All household trash and garbage shall be deposited INSIDE the dumpster on the property. Items too large for the dumpster, as well as pollutants and potentially hazardous materials and substances, shall be removed from the property by the resident discarding them.
    • No litter of any kind shall be allowed in any common area, including walkways (NO TRASH BAGS OUTSIDE FRONT DOORS), driveways and parking areas, or in any other area visible from a common area or the street.

  5. Noise Control
    • Any noise or sound from radios and TV's and recorded or live music shall not be audible beyond the walls of the units in which it originates.
    • Sound from radios and tape or CD players in vehicles shall not be audible outside the vehicles.
    • At all times, but especially between the hours of 10:00PM and 9:00 AM residents and guests shall refrain from causing or allowing sounds which might disturb others (such as car horns, idling engines, loud talking and laughter, etc.) in the garage, walkways, on balconies or any common area.

  6. Pets
    • Only such animals as are generally considered household pets shall be kept on the premises. No more than two pets per unit shall be allowed except as permitted by prior variance from the Board of Directors.
    • Only small dogs are allowed and shall not exceed 25 pounds of weight.
    • Pets shall be kept indoors only and are subject to all noise restrictions.
    • Pets shall ALWAYS be on leashes when in common areas.
    • Pet owners shall be responsible for immediate removal and clean up of their pets' waste in common areas.

    Please note that violations may result in fines or other action in accordance with the HOA enforcement policy. Contact Alliance Association Management 328-6100 with questions.

All owners and residents have the right to expect that these Rules and Regulations be enforced for their own sense of well-being and that of their neighbors. They should not hesitate to register complaints when warranted. (Lessees and renters shall contact owners of their leased or rented units, who in turn shall contact the Management Company or a Board member.)

Owners are responsible for keeping tenants and all guests and occupants informed as to these Rules and Regulations, as well as any future additions or changes, and for acting as liaison between their tenants and the Board of Directors and Management Company on specific questions or problems related to policy. Owners are responsible for notifying the management company of the names of their renters and for providing a key to the unit.

Owners are responsible for any violations committed by their tenants, guests or occupants or their tenants' guests or occupants.


  1. FIRE Leave involved area immediately and call 911 from a safe location. Alert other residents if possible.
  2. UTILITIES HAZARDS (Water 912-6000, Electricity 322-9100).
  3. SUSPICIOUS PERSON ON OR NEAR PREMISES Call police at 974-5000 (or 911 if immediate response is judged necessary). Inform the Management Company of the situation as soon as possible.
  4. DANGEROUS WEATHER Take precautions as directed by local authorities by means of the media; alert other residents if possible. During winter months be alert for media advisories and signs at mailboxes regarding freeze warnings; take precautions for water pipes as directed.
  5. STRAY ANIMALS Call the City Animal Control at 472-7387 (or, if an animal seems to present an immediate threat, 911).

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