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Why can't I use BBQ grills?
Austin City Ordinance sets a minimum operating distance from a flammable surface. Because of the layout of our property there is no place where grills can be used and still comply with local laws and insurance requirements. Therefore the Board of Directors has banned BBQ grills completely from the property.

How can I report a problem with the property?
If you are a renter please contact the owner or manager of your unit. Owners should contact our managing agent who will follow up on your problem/concern.

How can I join the Board of Directors?
One of the requirements is that you own a unit at the TG property. If you are an owner and are interested in joining the board, please attend the annual meeting held each January where elections are held.

Why do some people have 2 parking places vs one?
Whether a unit owns two or just one parking space is determined by the size of your unit. If you have a larger unit, you have 2 spots and also have to pay more fees. Smaller units pay less fees and therefore, only have one space. There is a parking map posted by the elevator.

Why aren't there any guest parking spaces?
Tom Green previously maintained 2 visitor spaces which resulted in certain renters using these spaces 24/7 for their own parking spaces. This situation did not work out for our guests; therefore, we reallocated these spaces.

Why is the street sign always gone?
The Tom Green street sign seems to be a rather popular item around UT area due to the actor/comedian named "Tom Green". The street sign has no relation to this actor. However, the City is working on getting a stronger sign and will prosecute anyone who attempts to steal or break the sign.

Why are there no garbage cans in the garage?
Unfortunately some residents were dumping their trash bags in and around the trash cans instead of depositing them in the dumpster.

Why are there no recycling bins?
The city does not provide recycling services for apartments and condominiums. This service would require us to pay a monthly fee. In addition, recycling bins would have to be maintained by maintenance workers at an additional cost. If this is an important issue to you, please contact your owner or manager.

Are pets allowed?
Please see the pet policy on the Rules and Regulations page.

How do I know what parking space is assigned to my unit?
There is a map with all the assigned parking spaces next to the elevator on the TG Bulletin Board or you may look it up here. Assigned Parking

What can I store on my deck?
The only items which may be placed on balconies are furniture that is specifically designed for outdoor use. Decks may not be used for storage of any kind, including coolers, garbage cans or storage boxes.

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